LaWanna on the right, is the owner of Viper, and Rita, on the left, is the co-owner of Viper. Together we decide the best choices for Viper in everything from training, to  breeding, and studding. We've been doing this together for 20 years now. We've raised some really gracious Doberman puppies to be outstanding adults. We've buried many of our favorite pride and joys, and shed  many tears of happiness and sadness with our babies through the years. Through it all, it's been for the love we both have for the Doberman breed 

 Viper, at 8 weeks sitting in LaWanna's lap. This is  her favorite place to be, even now, at 70 lbs.  She's quite a gal with a very special place in our hearts. She's now the foundation bitch of Kishlari Dobermans.

We retired our original foundation bitch, Kasey, several years ago who has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with all our others. It took us a while to find that extraordinary breeder with that special girl for us. We found it with Tammy.   She's one special lady.

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